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Outcomes using the T-14 symptom score for tonsillectomy in an Australian paediatric population

	author = {Matthew Eugene Lam and Charmaine M. Woods and Charles Du and Thomas Milton and Stephen Shih-Teng Kao and Julie Huynh and Elizabeth Sigston and Eng H. Ooi},
	title = {Outcomes using the T-14 symptom score for tonsillectomy in an Australian paediatric population},
	journal = {Australian Journal of Otolaryngology},
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	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Background: Quality of life (QoL) outcomes afterpaediatric tonsillectomy can be assessed with disease-specific patient reportedoutcome measures. Our aim was to assess a modified T-14 Paediatric ThroatDisorders Outcome Test in an Australian paediatric population undergoing tonsillectomy.
Methods: A consecutive case series wasconducted in children (aged 1–16 years) undergoing tonsillectomy over a periodof 15 months. T-14 questionnaires administered to the caregivers of the childpre-operatively and post-operatively (n=45) within 6–8 weeks of the procedurewere included for statistical analysis. Pre- and post-operative T-14 scoreswere compared and analysed according to surgical indication [either sleepdisordered breathing (SDB), recurrent tonsillitis, or both] and complicationswith non-parametric tests.
Results: Post-operative scores demonstrated aglobal improvement for SDB (n=22), recurrent tonsillitis (n=12) and for both(n=11) indications (P<0.0001 each). High compliance with the T-14 wasobtained with parents completing the questionnaire pre- and post-operatively.T-14 scores did not improve in 2 patients who had rhinitis and otitis media atthe time of post-operative testing.
Conclusions: The modified T-14 questionnaire issuitable for measuring parental reported health outcomes for paediatric throatdisorders in patients undergoing tonsillectomy in the Australian population.The T-14 questionnaire demonstrates improvement in parental perception of theirchild’s symptoms after tonsillectomy. It is easy to administer producing a highcompliance rate.},
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