Specialty Techniques

A diagnostic and surgical approach to masses of the buccal space: a case series

Faruque Riffat, Zubair Hasan, Malcolm Buchanan, Dzung Vu, Carsten Palme


The buccal space is an often overlooked fascial space in the head and neck region. Presentation of a mass in the buccal space is rare, and patients are usually asymptomatic. There is a paucity of published surgical data on lesions in this space. A case series has been collated retrospectively of eleven patients presenting with a mass in the buccal space. Basic demographic data is recorded as well as cytologic and radiologic work-up prior to surgery. Eleven patients were retrospectively identified. All lesions were successful removed through a trans-oral approach. No complications were identified in this small series. No patient exhibited evidence of recurrence of their lesion during a 2-year follow-up period. Lesions of the buccal space are rare, and show diverse pathologies. The trans-oral approach can be used safely to achieve complete removal of lesions of the buccal space, with an adequate margin and minimal morbidity.

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